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Humanoid, 2021

Harley Kelly leads us through an imaginative take on the concept of contemporary surrealism, using photography as the medium, she represents the manipulation of the human form through the use of everyday objects, domesticated scenarios, reflections and framing. Throughout the collection, Kelly continuously conceals the facial features of the model to direct the viewers’ attention towards the natural atmospheres besides the unique formation of the human figure. In result of this, by unnerving the viewers’ attention with the extraordinary structures, the photographs hook the viewer through the use of tonality to create an ambiguous meaning or story.

By using ambiguity as a characteristic of meaning, Kelly invites the viewer to interpret each individual image or the collection to suit their own personal perception of what lies right in front of them. 

Some may find the content humorous, others may find it unsettling, you decide. 

Kelly captures the moment, you create the story. 

Tel: 07498757803 


Location: West Yorkshire, England.

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