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Influence: Brooke DiDonato

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

I was searching on Pinterest for inspiration on how I could develop on the usage of reflections and domestic scenery, that's when I came across Brooke DiDonato and the project 'Nothing to Write Home About' 2021. After viewing her website and seeing how she forms a collection of various surrealist images to produce a project and a ambiguous story, this gave me the idea to do the same with my own collection of images.

DiDonato creates surrealistic images, often herself others in minimal aesthetic poses provocatively against natural and architectural forms in extreme locations and domestic scenes in which absorb the the human figures. Whilst doing so she uses pastel colours in which ease and invite the viewer to explore the content of unusual representation of contemporary life.

Her unique style and tonality ties the photographs together in which tells a story to our own perspective.

After understanding why Brooke creates this image and reading upon previous interviews this became very fascinating in how DiDonato's is a distortion of the present reality and sometimes quite playful in how she presents the human form in combination with the subtle tones.

From viewing her work, she gave me the inspiration to experiment more with domestic settings and tonality in a minimalistic way as the use of tonality would draw the viewer in to view the unusual content.

Sometimes less is more.

Harley Kelly.

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