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LensCulture: Photo Competition

When applying for photo competitions this can be quite scary as up-coming photographer due to self doubt, costs, is the competitions are subjective and depending on what position you are with your work.

Luckily competitions such as LensCulture, Pupilsphere and Palm Studios allow you to upload from 1 to 5 images, maybe even more for FREE. These are some amazing opportunities available for student photographers to get their photographs and potentially their name out within the art world.

When entering a photo competition, always upload the best photograph that you have created as this is showing what you are capable of as a photographer, even if you don't think it is perfect, someone else may see it differently. Alongside this you are usually asked to provide a title, project title, artist statement and a description of yourself. This is useful for people to know what your work is about and also insights towards you personally.

It is very useful to continuously enter into photography competitions as this will gain you experience for the future, practice on writing about yourself and your work and potentially win awards and cash prizes.

Utilising competitions is definitely a good way in becoming recognised and giving your work the opportunity to be awarded and yourself for all the hard work you have put into creating the photographs.

Always take the chance to be recognised for your art.

Harley Kelly.

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