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LinkedIn Account

Within final year, I have been set to produce a LinkedIn account amongst many other things such as website and regular blog posts, although I was hesitant to create a LinkedIn account as I was under the impression that this would be continuous job searching.

After creating my account, I instantly realised that this was not the case, this was a chance to share my working in progress work with many other photographers and industries besides being available for work.

When creating my account I was excited to share what I have been producing in photography groups, my own personal uploads and sharing other people's work. Whilst doing this, I become excited to personalise my account such as adding a banner photograph, writing personal information and having posts, photographs and my website featured, making it easier for people to access the full collection and to see individual photographs.

Furthermore, LinkedIn allows you to connect with a range of different people in many other different fields such as fashion, art, textiles, students and companies. This was when I knew how LinkedIn would benefit me and my practice within photography as being apart of groups, continuously connecting and sharing would allow my audience to grow even more and people are able to connect with me which is even better!

I would definitely recommend any photographer to use LinkedIn as this provides so many opportunities such as announcements, groups of other emerging photographers and yet again another form of networking.

Connect, connect, connect.

Harley Kelly.

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