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My Interim Exhibition Show

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

I was quite excited to be creating my own virtual exhibition through Artsteps as this was the first time seeing the work that I have created as a collection in a exhibition atmosphere.

Although this was exciting, I knew I had a lot to consider during the making of the exhibition, such as what photographs to include, writing an artist statement and sequencing of images. After picking a room on Artsteps that's already made, I was then able to consider what photograph goes where, as my photographs have 2 sets of tonality (warm and cold) I was able to separate the images and place the warm toned photographs in one room and the cold toned photographs in the second room.

After separating the images into two sets, I then had to consider if the photographs were portrait or landscape and what possible dynamic lines were visible within the images as dynamic lines draws the viewers attention towards certain parts of the frame and I could utilise this through a series of images. As a set of images, I would use the dynamic lines to draw the viewers towards the centre of frame instead of out and away as the viewers attention would be focused more on all images when looking into the photographs. If I had photographs that contained no dynamic lines and where symmetrical/centred well in frame I would place them within the centre of the series, drawing the viewers attention towards the centre.

After considering the sequencing of images and the positioning of each individual image I would then write my artist statement describing what my project is. When creating an artist statement it is very important to outline key factors such as concept, audience, meaning, potentially influences and how you have executed the outcomes. It is also important that when you are writing an artist statement to keep it a short description of the work, let the images speak for themselves!

After creating my own interim exhibition, this has made me consider creating an exhibition for my submission for Personal Practice Portfolio as seeing the images in a virtual space, I personally believe that this atmosphere brings the photographs to life. Also as well as possibly creating an exhibition I believe that creating a photobook alongside this would compliment the work further as they both allow the work to produce its own story from different perspectives and representations.

If you are interested in seeing my exhibition here is the link, I hope you all enjoy!

Harley Kelly.

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