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Pinterest Account

Throughout the year, I have been asking myself "How can I make my images more available online?". One approach towards this is to make multiple social media accounts and enter into photography competitions. Although alongside doing this I was thinking to myself, well how do I research my influences? And one of my main aspects of researching and brainstorming is through Pinterest.

I have been using Pinterest for a very long time now for inspiration, influences, ideas and so much more, it wasn't until this year that I started uploading my own images, I realised the true potential of Pinterest and how useful this can be for working practitioners and for people to see what you have been creating so far.

Creating my Pinterest account into a profile has been very useful towards my practice within photography as I am able to add my website in the description, description of my work so far, education and name. From doing so, this allows my audience to increase as people on Pinterest have access towards my website to see the full collection alongside other projects that I have created.

Whilst creating my own board of my project 'Humanoid' this has allowed me to see monthly views of my account, views on individual images and outbound clicks. When uploading images, you are able to provide each photograph with a title, description and link, this is very useful as some people on Pinterest may only see one image that you have uploaded but have access towards why you have created the image, title and most importantly your website.

I would definitely recommend any photographer to use Pinterest alongside with other social media accounts as this has been very successful for myself so far.

Harley Kelly.

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