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Refining Shoots

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Refining shoots is a very important aspect within photography, even when you think you have the perfect photograph there maybe elements that need improving. This is when peer review and staff opinions of your work is most useful as a fresh set of eyes can identify improvements you may not see with your own eyes.

On the left is the first photograph that I created experimenting with warm tonality and domestic scenarios whilst representing my concept of fragmentation of the human form. To demonstrate my concept, I directed the model to go through the table, therefore appearing connected with the furniture. When shooting I was very happy with how the photographs were captured and natural lighting available.

After receiving feedback on the first photograph, I realised that some of the furniture present were distracting the viewers attention away from the model, and that the model was not dominant within frame. Also I knew personally that this shoot would benefit effectively from using lighting equipment, tripod as this will allow me to have more control with framing, compositional skills and technical skills.

From reshooting and taking on board critical feedback, this has allowed my initial ideas to improve increasingly as the model in the second photograph is more dominant within frame and lighting used is more effective. From containing less elements within frame, this allows the furniture captured to be powerful but not distracting when experimenting with creating the atmosphere of domestic setting. Alongside representing my concept more effectively than before from refining and reflecting upon feedback provided from peer reviews and staff members.

Refine to improve your practice.

Harley Kelly.

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