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Roaming the Sidewalks of Huddersfield

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

From creating my previous shoot with mannequins to experiment with lighting and positioning, I thought to myself how can I develop from this? What influence could inspire me? The answer was Lee Friedlander in the project 'Mannequin'.

Friedlander roamed round the streets of New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco, focusing on storefront windows in which speak to marketspace notions sex, fashion and consumerism while recalling Eugéne Atget's surreal photographs of Parisian windows containing mannequins and using mono-chrome tones as an aesthetic, created one hundred years earlier. Friedlander's photographs contained are very similar to his influencers in the sense of using mannequins and dominant mono-chrome tones, however he ensures dynamic lines apparent within frame by kneeling down when photographing, creating a towering over effect from the high-rise buildings present within the reflection.

Although I would have loved to continue capturing the storefront windows in Barcelona, right now this is not possible to do. The photograph above was taken within my hometown, Huddersfield 2020. Walking the streets, questioning myself to find interesting positioned mannequins. Considering the reflection, positioning of myself, I instantly felt some form of connection towards Lee Friedlander.

As I was understanding and viewing Friedlander's photographs, I instantly knew I was capable of adapting his elements and consideration into specific angles when photographing, reflection and the type of mannequin into the beginnings of my project. As I had already experimented with the project 'Mannequin' in the past whilst wondering the streets of Barcelona in 2017.

From producing this shoot, I have now gained insights into Friedlander's mindset, compositional skills and aesthetics into creating street mannequin photographs. Which has allowed more elements to consider into my current and future developments, such as from using a mannequin, I could use a model, from using a window reflection, I could use a mirror reflection.

Even replicating or creating shoots from influences in which seem like stepping stones could allow your work to open many doors for future creations.

Harley Kelly.

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