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Returning to capturing

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Returning back to the studios, a blessing towards all working photographers and utilising our inner creativity.

Returning back to Huddersfield University to begin my final year, from coping with national lockdowns, isolation and the many crazy things that this year has had install for us. I wanted to refresh my memory with the amazing equipment the University has for us such as the cameras, lighting equipment and facilities to string back my passion for photography as I became out of tune and lost grip of my practice.

Although entering back into what seems like a second home felt heart-warming and comforting, until realising that there were still limitations. As our other people's safety is most definitely the highest priority, this unfortunately becomes difficult in producing certain work such as face portraits due to safety precautions, wearing masks, having the ability to have more than one model in the studios and who can be photographed due to track and trace.

And then it hit me, Do I need to use a model to experiment with lighting techniques on the human form? and the answer is No.

Fortunately I had access towards mannequins! This was the perfect alternative when creating the first stepping stone towards experimenting with positioning, lighting and capturing elements of the human form with my initial concept of The Male and Female Gaze.

Sometimes in order to capture what we desire, we need to take a step back and consider all the possibilities before we dive in.

Harley Kelly.

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