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The Next Step...

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

When studying photography we are constantly trying to find our feet, position and our passion whilst learning tips and tricks to make our photographs the best in what we want to achieve. For myself I have a love for photography as a whole as one image can speak a thousand words, although through learning and experimenting with a variety of different fields within photography, I never knew my true practice, until now.

I adore images that question the viewer "What is this image about?" "Why have they shown themselves in this way?" and most importantly "Why am I so drawn to this photograph?". I love images that draw the viewers attention of the unusual context without knowing the meaning or story behind the creation. From this I was inspired to create surrealistic photographs that makes the viewer question on its appearance and how one image can communicate different stories from person to person.

Being at university and studying BA(Hons) Photography has allowed me develop my skills, find my own place and my love for one practice in particular, if it wasn't for studying at a degree level I wouldn't of discovered my true self, passion or preparation for entering the industry world of photography.

Now that I am in my final year at university, I am now emerging into sharing my on-going and current work with the world on multiple different platforms such as social media, websites and entering photo competitions. Although now the big question I keep on asking myself is, what is the next step? Whilst creating my work I have been considering applying for a masters degree, although this is not the only route I can possibly go. I could look for a job to build experience on how the industry works and what I would be expected of myself when being in a working environment. I could continue to create my own concepts in surrealism until I'm ready to work and advance my practice.

Although as I have been studying photography for many years now and that I have only just discovered my position in photography I do believe that studying photography at a Masters degree level will improve my practice and open more opportunities towards becoming recognised and making connections in the industry of photography.

Harley Kelly.

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