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Trial and Error

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

As I have been producing the beginnings of my project and experimentation in final year, I have been lucky to have access to peer review feedback on my work from students on the course and teachers, without this valuable feedback I wouldn't of been able to produce further development, this shoot or future shoots.

When presenting my previous work, one of my teachers said to me "Why don't you try to recreate this in the studio?". I'm not going to lie, I was slightly hesitant in doing so as I love the aesthetic of the natural environment of where the photograph was taken and to produce the same photograph or for the photograph to be on the same 'level' I thought this would of been a lot have hard work to recreate the same atmosphere.

After thinking about my peers and teacher's comments, I thought to myself, actually why not its either going to go two ways, I'm either going to love it, or hate it. If I hated it, at least I know that I tried and experimented an idea and can reflect on what worked and what didn't work.

When using the studio, this gave me the freedom to choose what colour backdrop I could use, different modifications I could experiment and more room to work with as in the previous shoot I was limited with space. At first, I found that even lighting all subjects were difficult as I had to light all my elements individually, otherwise some lighting was reflecting off the mirror and I also needed subtle highlights in certain areas and stronger highlights in others.

Overall, I was surprisingly happy with this experiment as this shoot was successful in what I wanted to create. This made me realise that no matter what field of photography you specialise in, never rule out an initial idea. Always try and experiment, you never know where an idea can take you and what you can produce!

We constantly learn from our mistakes and gain experience in what you want to create, if we set barriers we may miss the opportunity of seeing the bigger picture.

Harley Kelly.

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